Re-imported textures of GLTF model look different

Hey guys!

For a project I’am currently working on I’am importing GLTF file of a table slab.
Upon gltf import the table top looks like this:

For the project however, we have to dynamically switch table materials. In order to do so i did a simple useTexture import. After, I assigned the imported texture to : group.current.children[0]

However, the imported textures look really washed/bland after assigning them to the table top material. All the different textures i reassign to the top have the same washed look.
To further illustrate my point, after importing the exact same image file that came in in the original GLTF model, and assigning it to the material, the table looks like this:

The Y is flipped but this is not the root of the issue, Other than that almost all key parameters seem to be the same. How can i preserve the colors of the original imported texture/material? Again, i only changed the texture map. I even tried to compare the before and after texture switch, and i found that mostly all parameters are the same (except for repeat):

left(re-imported texture) right(original)

If you have any clue / idea on how to fix this please let me know!

Kind regards

What is that?

Its a React-Three Drei hook which can load in textures

I just tried to import with the default Three.js texture loader with the same results

Should we start a React-Three-Fiber category for the forum?