Quality of WebGLRenderTarget

I notice that if I render a camera / scene to the main stage it renders clean without any loss of quality. When I render to a WebGLRenderTarget with the same camera and scene, and then bind that rendertarget texture to a quad there is a loss in quality .

[https://codepen.io/stevensanborn/pen/XPvyQY](http://Code Pen link )

when i render the scene without the rendertarget intermediary it cleans up and is what im trying achieve with the rendertarget:

renderer.render( scene, camera);

Do i need to add FXAA antialiasing on the render texture manually? Or Is there something in the BasicMeshMaterial or render target that is reducing quality?

Please have a look at: Why framebuffer no anti-aliasing? direct render have anti-aliasing

No. Right now, you have to use FXAA if you want to sharpen the visual output when rendering into a custom framebuffer/render target.

BTW: The term “quality” is very broad and can mean a lot of things in context of rendering. In my post, I have only referred to missing MSAA when using render targets.

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@Mugen87 thanks for the response and makes sense. I wonder does FXAA do the same as antialias:true

Setting antialias to true means using MSAA. There should be many existing websites which describe the difference between both anti aliasing techniques (better than I can in this topic). Just give google a try :wink:

ahh thanks. I guess true parity would mean antialias off and FXAA throughout.