Quake BSP map loader


I created a Quake BSP maps loader that produces geometries that can be used with THREE.js . I am using it as a part of a bigger project, but it’s a standalone library.

Initially I thought it might be integrated into the THREE.js at some point, but I find that quake maps contain a lot of game metadata / domain logic and without a way to conveniently handle that, this type of maps can be impractical to use (besides for just presentation purposes).

This is the demo:

This is the code:

Those are the docs on the general approach/philosophy on handling Quake BSP maps:

Those are the docs on the basic usage:

I’d say it’s still in beta since it has some issues with UV mapping and docs are not fully finished yet and I’d like to flesh out both api and docs by getting feedback here. I really count on your comments and feedback and I really hope it will help someone.