ProtoUV : Opensource slicer for photopolymer 3d printers

Hi. I created opensource photopolymer 3d slicer for windows with threejs.

GitHub - Fariarx/ProtoUV: ProtoUV : Opensource slicer for photopolymer 3d printers


That’s interesting. It might have took a lot of efforts.

It looks like an orthographic projection is used and the ground plate appears distorted. I did expect perspective, because the navigation dice (the one with “front” and “top” labels) is drawn perspectively.

Oh, and I like that Three.js is used twice.

It was originally planned to show the user a perspective camera. But it’s inconvenient to use for me. Therefore, the orthographic camera is shown by default, but the user can switch without problems.

Yes, it probably makes sense to switch the camera type for the cube as well, but for now I’m doing multi-threading for slice layers, since the current version very slowly.

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  • Multi-thread slicing. Now the slicing speed is many times greater than it was.
  • The preview images are now taken from the latest renderer image.
  • ViewCube now supports orthographic camera.
  • Fixup bags.


While the project in it self is fantastic, it could be more interesting to run it as an online web app, in the browser, no installation required. I’m mean, you are using javascript, Three.js and React for the UI and most functionalities, you are more then halfway. But the extra mile could prove challenging, I’m assuming the only thing keeping you from going this way, is the UVtools dependencies, while there is the wasm option, converting C# to wasm is a headache and can seriously affect your sanity :sweat_smile:.

I thought about it, but now I don’t have the strength for it. Perhaps in the future the transition to the web will happen, and I know how to implement it.

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"Release Alpha 0.03 · Fariarx/ProtoUV · GitHub

  • Fixed aspect ratio when scaling
  • Reset mode for each tool
  • Fixup Supports generator issue when slicing
  • Added mode to enable and disable y alignment
  • UI refinement
  • Added flight mode from threejs example
  • …Some fixes


"Release Alpha 0.04 · Fariarx/ProtoUV · GitHub

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