Project a point and find the intersecting face

Hello , i have a mesh , and i want to project a vertex using a direction vector (0,0,-1) on my case , and the find the intersecting face
I have tried the raycaster but it doest work , i tried to change the threshold and nothing

 raycaster.set(vv, new Vector3(0, 0, -1));
    raycaster.params.Mesh.threshold = 1e-18;
    raycaster.params.Points.threshold = 1e-18;
    raycaster.firstHitOnly = true;
    const res = raycaster.intersectObject(mesh, true);
    if (res.length) {
      if (res[0].distance > 0) console.log(res[0].distance);

The distance is always 0 , and the returned point is the same as the origin

Try set: raycaster.firstHitOnly = false;


I didn’t get that thing, when you provided the picture with the arrow pointing down and saying that the direction is [0, 0, -1]. A vector, that points down, is [0, -1, 0] :thinking: