Progressive Mesh Streaming: Knowledge exchange



I’m going to write some sort of paper about Progressive Mesh Streaming for WebGL. Progressive Mesh Streaming is not a new technique, it already exists for many years. But it is particular interesting for web based 3D applications because you need to transfer all data of an asset over a (possibly slow) network before you can display it. To avoid the associated latency, you can try to compress 3D data in a way that allows streaming and progressive decoding.

In other words: You do not load the entire model and then parse/display it like with common 3D formats. Instead, you stream the data, parse single chunks and progressively increase the resolution of the model to the highest level.

Progressive Mesh Streaming seems to be a very popular topic in the scientific community. But I found no references about its practicability in real products so far. Does anyone have experience in the usage of Progressive Mesh Streaming in context of WebGL? Besides, could Progressive Mesh Streaming be potentially interesting/useful for your projects?


Hi Michael,

Are you thinking of a progressive LOD streaming like in this example?

If so we and our partners/customers would be highly interested on that and would love to assist you where we can.

VisCircle Team