Progressive loading with WebGLRenderer texture

I’m currently working on a project where I do a first pass which is computation heavy on the GPU using a WebGLRenderer then using the result on the CPU side using readRenderTargetPixels for the following steps.

Everything is working fine on a lot of computers but struggling on mobiles and devices without GPU, giving me messages like WebGL context was lost..
I assume the heavy shader is the main bottleneck on those devices and I could do progressive rendering to divide the load across multiple frames to fix the issue.

I cannot work on parts of the first pass texture output for the following steps, I need it whole, so I thought about using .copyFramebufferToTexture and create the full texture part by part but then the resulting FramebufferTexture has no method to access the pixels on the CPU side.

Is there something I am missing ? Or is there a simpler way to achieve my goals ?
Thank you.

I would first confirm that the issue is with the computations. Have you checked if it’s not a memory issue? When I’ve had similar issues on mobile, it was because I was using too many textures or because the texture sizes were too large

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Im not sure I understand the issue, but why not render between two targets, reading from one writing to the other, flip then repeat, which ever is written to last you would read those pixels.