Processing geometry before USDZExporter

Hi. I’ve got an application with a lot of different objects (still with “Geometry” but it doesn’t matter). And now I’m trying to convert it to usdz format using new USDZConverter. In general it works. But it’s rotated 90degres and as I use all dimensions in mm, scale is also not very good.

So I need to rotate all objects on the scene and scale it, which is not very complicated if I add them to a Group (another Object3D) and rotate a group. But it doesn’t change geometry of objects itself. And USDZConverter creates model in new format using only geometry of every mesh, it doesn’t use geometry of its parent or any position/rotation.

Is it possible to add to USDZExporter some function that converts all objects on the scene with additional rotation and scaling?

On what class are you referring here? There is only USDZExporter in the official repository.

Yes, USDZExporter. My bad.

May I ask where do you view/import the exported files?

I use emulator for testing in Safari on iPod.
btw strange that it doesn’t open helmet from three.js examples . Maybe there are some geometry that Safari cannot process. I need to remove some of mine objects to see at least something.

Ok, seems like “scene.updateWorldMatrix(false, true)” do the job.