Problem with coordinates

I’m working on a project in which I need to use both OBJ files made with blender and some meshes created with three. With only the OBJ, they position like in blender, but when I create a plane and position with the coordinates taken from blender, it goes in an other place and also rotations are wrong. I tried to invert axis, but nothing works. Can anyone help me?

Blender and three.js have difference coordinate systems. So you can’t use coordinates 1:1.

Blender and three.js are both right handed but Blender’s up vector is positive Z whereas in three.js it is positive Y. You should be able to convert coordinates by rotating them -90° around the X axis.

I noticed that and tried inverting Z and Y, but it still doesn’t work.

Inverting Z and Y is not the same as a -90° rotation around the X axis.

Yes, you’re right… I rotated it and now it works…

Little tip: after doing the math I realized that rotating by -90° on the X il like to do this:
threejs_y = old_z
threejs_z = - old_y