Problem with backside


I have done a surface with three.js : Togliatti surface (the code is available by looking at the source).

This surface is two-sided. There’s a problem: the front side is nice, but there are some gaps in the back side:


How can I get rid of these gaps? I have tried THREE.MeshNormalMaterial({ side: THREE.DoubleSide })) and mesh.doubleSided = true.

It doesn’t look like back sides. It looks like front sides with wrong normals.


Thank you. But I’m sure the normals are correct. I have done the same surface with R, in the same way, and the result is nice: gfycat

At least the gradient (which defines the normals) is correct, I have compared with a numerical derivation of the gradient in R. I have tried to negate the normals and to change the order of the vertices of the triangles, but no way, the gaps are always there.

Try to use THREE.FaceNormalHelper() and/or THREE.VertexNormalHelper() to visualize normals.

Thanks, I didn’t know that. I have tried VertexNormalHelper but there are >300000 triangles, so we don’t clearly see. I will try to reduce the resolution of the marching cubes…

Here is the figure with the normals, with less triangles:
Do you see something bad?

Yeah. Looks like there are no faces at some spots:

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Well seen, thanks. I have realized something. The role of the NaN’s in the function f is to clip the surface by a ball. If I don’t put these NaN, I get no issue, there’s no gap. So these NaN cause a problem in the marching cubes algorithm. Oddly, the NaN’s does not cause any problem in R and Haskell, with the same algorithm. I have also compared with R the number of triangles, and there are less triangles in the Javascript version, when the NaN’s are here (same number when there are no NaN).
So I have to investigate the algorithm when it deals with some NaN’s.
Thanks for your help!

Yeah it works now! But now the forum prevents me to insert any link to my blog :frowning:

But not a tiny url ahah: Togliatti

There were some vertices [NaN,NaN,NaN] in the output of the marching cubes algorithm, and three.js does not like that. Now the algorithm deletes all triangles containing such a vertex.

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