Presentation and my three.js artworks

Hello !

Firstly, I want to express my thanks to the creators of this forum, and everybody who had helped me so far and everybody who will help me. The help we get on this forum is unevaluable.

My short presentation: I have a background in theoretical mathematics and now I’m working as a statistician programmer. I mainly use R, but I also create some interfaces in Javascript, while I don’t know the basics of Javascript :wink: (I manage on my own; one finds a lot of help on stackoverflow).

I very like three.js. I’m also doing some animations with POV-Ray and with Haskell (with the opengl library). But only three.js allows interactivity.

If you want to see my three.js artworks, copy this link: I also have a blog and it contains one article related to three.js: Saturn Elephant - Drawing a torus with three.js. You should appreciate my artworks if you like mathematics.

Best wishes!

My artwork today: the truncated tesseract


I’ve edited your post so people can directly click on your links :+1: