Post-Processing Documentation

Hello :slight_smile:
Are there any plans to add Postprocessing/EffectComposer pages to the documentation? When I was just starting out, it held me back from using it’s potentially wonderful features, and I suspect some other beginners had that problem as well.
I understand that post processing is not a core feature of Three.js, but neither are model loaders, and yet they have a very sweet dedicated page, as well as an example page for each loader. Animation system might be another example.

I’ve always found it a little bizarre, that not a single reference to EffectComposer can be found in the docs. I think even a single page about it, with say FilmPass or DotScreenPass could potentially be very helpful.
Right now it sort of feels like post processing is the black sheep of the family who doesn’t get invited for christmas. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Has there been any discussion about this? Cheers


Not all loaders have a dedicated documentation page. I just want to clarify this to avoid wrong expectations^^.

In any event, adding a documentation page for EffectComposer would be a fine addition. However, this page should only document the API of the class. It might be better to add a new page to the manual that explains the general setup for post-processing (something like How to use post-processing).


Better than nothing :+1:

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I strongly believe both of these pages would make a GREAT addition to our collection :star_struck:
Unfortunately I’m not the right person to take on such task :sweat_smile:
What would be the appropriate step to initiate this idea? Should I open an issue on the Three.js github?


Yes, that’s the best approach to get things started.

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There will be two new documentation pages about EffectComposer and the post-processing workflow in general with the next release R108. Feel free to improve the pages with further information :+1: