Combine React-Postprocessing & Three.js Postprocessing

Hello, I was looking to combine a nice react-postprocessing Depth Of Field effect with the three/examples/postprocessing examples and shaders. I noticed they both use an effectComposer or EffectComposer. Are these composers the same? I attempted to just add the three/examples/postprocessing with the DOF pp within the react-postprocessing effectComposer, but it didn’t work, so I’m guessing they’re not the same. I was wondering if anyone has tried this before?

postprocessing is a separate library: this is what r-pp uses underneath. i don’t think you can compose jsm effects with pp.

here’s an example with pp dof:

the most tricky thing to get right with all of these depth shaders is getting a clean depth-buffer by setting near/far correctly.