Positioning a curve in a scene

Hi there,

I have loaded a model to my scene, and now I want to load, resize, and center extruded text such that it sits very close to the model, if not directly beneath it. How can I a create a relative position and avoid testing different coordinates? Is this where I could possibly append objects as a child of my centerpiece? Thanks!

Correct. Adding 3D objects as child to others allows you to do relative positioning. For example:

mesh1.add( mesh2 );
mesh2.position.y = - 1;

Doing this means mesh2 will always be positioned one world units “below” mesh1 no matter where mesh1 is going to move in 3D space.

Thank you for your response, Mugen87! So currently, I have loaded the model as shown below. I presume my “scene” is analogous to your “mesh”. How can I add the curveObject to the kirby model rather than the scene itself? I have attempted root.add(curveObject) and house.add(), but I see that I’ve misunderstood their data type since they have no add() property. Thanks again!

//Load Model
let loader = new THREE.GLTFLoader();
loader.load("./kirby/scene.gltf", function(gltf) {
const root = gltf.scene;
house = gltf.scene.children[0];