Help with vertices positions when are loaded into scene

Hi there!

I have a very newbie question, I need help

I have an line obj with this info

# 4 vertex positions and colors
v  322793.94 360 -6869563.5 1 0 0
v  322767.34 360 -6869579.5 1 0 0
v  322797.69 360 -6869630.5 1 0 0
v  322823.44 360 -6869614 1 0 0

When I load into a scene and ask for the geometry this is what I get:

geometry->attributes->position->array: Float32Array(18)

0: -1.453125
1: 0
2: 33.5
3: -28.046875
17: 33.5

I want to load and see the geometry in the position that the obj has. It can be possible? The thing is that I have others objs in the same coords and I need to add them to the scene too.

Without the; I can’t see it, I think because I don’t understand the graphics concepts involved (If you have a site or book to get those concepts it woul be great).

This is the code to load the line.

loader.load( "models/A.obj",
  function (data) {
    data.traverse(function (child) {
      if ((<THREE.LineSegments>child).isLineSegments) {
        let meshOBJ: THREE.LineSegments = <THREE.LineSegments>child;
        let geometry = meshOBJ.geometry.clone();;
        var material = new THREE.LineBasicMaterial({
         color: 0xff0000,
         linewidth: 2,
        let mesh: THREE.Line = new THREE.Line(geometry, material);

Thanks in advance!

Inside children->parent->geometry->attributes->position->array
is located the coordinates information from the obj file I mentioned before. This way I can extract the geometry and add it to the scene (Make a mesh or line), move cameras and stuff.

Still I don’t have all clear conceptually speaking, so any help will be very usefull