Position of the new Mesh (extrude buffer geometry) is 0


I am facing with the following challenge:

I created the mesh made of extrude buffer geometry (which I am drawing) and material.
When I complete creation of this mesh I see that position of the mesh is (0,0,0) although it is placed in the specific position on the scene.

Now I am trying to ‘copy’ this mesh by doing clone command and newly created mesh should follow the mouse and when click it should be added to the scene on this specific position.

The issue I see is that (I assume it’s like that because mesh that I initially created has position of 0,0,0) newly created mesh does not follow the mouse position.

I am sending you also ‘mouse move’ function (‘clipboard’ is the object that I cloned).

 if(clipboard != ""){

          mouse.x = ( (event.clientX - 70) / renderer.domElement.clientWidth ) * 2 - 1;
          mouse.y = - ( (event.clientY - 100) / renderer.domElement.clientHeight ) * 2 + 1;
          raycaster.setFromCamera(mouse, camera);
          intersects = raycaster.intersectObjects(objects);

          if(intersects.length > 0){

Many thanks!