Posible to have textureatlas and also individual texture?

Hi everyone, can somebody please point me in the right direction regarding how to approach in a best practice three.js way on an idea of an application with a model (air plane) that is going to be able to be modified dynamically by a user, selecting individual textures (non repeating and repeating textures) from predefined settings for each part of the airplane(around 20 indivual parts). And they will also be able to upload their own texture for a specific part (texture and maybe normal maps).

Is it possible in threejs to have a big texture atlas(texture/maps) for the whole model and also have individual textures for each parts of the model at the same time?
Thank you for your help

Yes, assuming you have properly authored the texture coordinates of the model in a DCC tool like Blender.

Yes, assuming the mentioned parts are individual meshes with own materials. In this case, you can assign different texture objects to the materials. However, keep in mind that you might need different texture coordinates for user-provided textures. Meaning the default texture will be your texture atlas containing all texels for the model whereas the user-defined texture will probably only contain the texels for the specific part of the model. Using the same texture coordinates won’t work in this case.

Thank you for your quick answer. Now I got 2 follow up questions:

  1. How should I describe this workflow for a 3d modeller?
  2. How do I apply the user-defined texture to the specific texture coordinate for that particular mesh?

I know how to traverse the model and apply a texture for a specific child of type mesh, but the thing I still not getting is how it works with the big default texture for all the individual meshes and also having individual mesh with another uvmap? are there any example of this somewhere? Could not find any example of this particular solution on the examples in threejs.org. Thank you so much for your help!