Same texture applied to multiple meshes?

Consider the following:

  1. In the scene, i have multiple meshes, Boxes, Spheres… they can be any shape…
  2. i have a texture which i want to apply on each mesh but as a single texure like in the picture.

one way i tried to do this is by spotlight with map texture, like this official example:

but its not the best way to so i guess.

is there any way in three.js to apply textures to multiple meshes like that? any help counts! :slight_smile:

Are you talking about projecting a texture or using the same texture aka texture atlas?

Another way is to use blending, as in these examples:

projecting a texture

thanks for suggestion :+1: im looking for projecting a texture to 3d objects. maybe it can be done by projecting texture to whole the scene in some way? sorry for my ignorance, im not a master in three.js :innocent:

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