Portal rendering with stencil buffer

Hi everyone,

I made an experiment with stencil buffer to create an infinite room with portals back in September. As I’ve just moved the private gitlab repo to github, I’d like to share it with you if there is anyone who is interested in the how-to’s.

It also features OffscreenCanvas with Web Worker, an event driven component architecture using RxJs and a Dependency Injection library.

Repo: GitHub - BarthaBRW/Threejs-Portal: Side project with WebGL, Three.js, OffscreenCanvas, Typescript, RxJs and stencil buffer with some math.
Live demo: https://barthabrw.github.io/Threejs-Portal


What a crazy demo! :grin:


Love these too!


Wow these are crazy! I love the round portal example! Absolutely baffled!!

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Love from me too! Portals offer a way to new worlds that we can instinctively get… and I’m going to look at how you created these beauties.

this is crazy, very well done! my mind is racing with ways to play with this :slight_smile: