Poor fps with three.js used as a texture in pixi.js

I tried import my three.js as texture in pixi.js. It works but I have bad fps when I look at it in fullscreen (4k) in Firefox. i get only 30fps

Is there a way to improve my code to resolve this problem? or does i even use the right way ?
The problem is only in firefox. i tried to use 5 filters in pixi and it doesnt change the frame rate at 4k. The frame change when i reduced my window.

you can see the fps in the console


you can clamp render to frames fps. but if you are making textures the size of your screen its gonna get slow. Ah you did a bit
but this


That says you are making a 4k texture
try only making a 4096 / n texture

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hy , thanks for you reply.
i finally create a smaller pixi.app, half size of the screen and it now it run smooth. thanss