Polyglot - synthetic audio generation using google wavenet, three.js, blender, and spring boot

Polyglot generates Synthetic Audio. Create a multi-lingual, multi-voice audio script using Google voices. Drag the script and drop it on Polyglot which then generates and plays the synthetic audio in real time, besides visualizing the waveform and frequency bars. Optionally Polyglot can store the generated synthetic audio locally in your file system. Polyglot supports most of the desktop as well as mobile browsers. Developed with three.js, Google Wavenet, Blender, and Spring Boot.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems the waveform voices are not free.

Here is the browser API My_code.html (2.1 KB)

As an end user of Polyglot, the text-to-speech service is absolutely free as I have created a wrapper spring boot application around this service and exposed it for free. Google text-to-speech service supports both standard and wavenet voices. They do cost money, but it’s pretty generous. Every month, they are free up to 4 million characters for standard voices and 1 million characters for wavenet voices, after that they charge 4$ and 16$ per million characters respectively. Please refer this pricing link for details.

For polyglot, you can use the following short form and long form scripts which use these supported voices.
long_form_template.script (1.5 KB)
short_form_template.script (645 Bytes)

Let me know how you find it :slight_smile: