Points with horizontally / vertically scaling or Stretch Billboard

Hi all, I would like to know if THREE.Points supports Stretch Billboard like Unity?

I am rendering Rain and Explosion VFX for my project. I want my particles scale horizontally / vertically / with specific angle, instead of scale up entirely.
However, all my particle are Square / Circle. Do THREE.Points supports different shape of particles or Stretch Billboard render mode?


I would like to perform the following vfx.
Ref: particle render stretch billboard - YouTube


Rotate particle’s texture at the angle you need. It involves the modifying of PointsMaterial.
Something similar to this approach: How can I rotate a Sprite to face particular x,y coordinates? - #4 by prisoner849

Thanks! I have already develop the rotation with customized shader exactly your another answer: Set rotation for individual points in a PointsMaterial.

However, I would like to develop the scale feature. Is it possible to complete it by UV solution too?

It seems that my question is similar to this. I was also wondering if points can be non-square.
The answer, according to the following question, is NO. The work around should be scale the point to a big-enough square, and then use UV and discard in the shader, to achieve the horizontal scaling.

Please correct me if I am wrong.