PNG transparency issue

Hi All,

We are using transparent RGBA PNG for stitch rendering in our models, however PNG for stitch doesn’t render well on poly stripe, can anyone suggest which code setting affects this type of alpha opacity.


It should work just fine with using either a transparent .map or an additional .alphaMap on the material (with .transparent enabled.)

Can you share the code of the material / images applied to that stripe?

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Use transparent: true In your material it should work

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That’s correct however transparent PNG edges don’t render properly, looks like 1 bit transparency where as 8bit PNG transparency is needed,

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If you change your white background color to something else like red, do the seam edges become red as well?

There’s no background colour, its transparent PNG, looks well in photoshop. In engine it takes default white edges.

My guess is not related to the texture itself, it looks like the seam is drawn first with depthWrite enabled, which essentially will cancel out the object behind and not blend with it, the background instead.

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hello, how to fix this,i dont want to blend with background

Use alphaTest: 0.5, you won’t get alpha transparency work in scenarios depth sorting is needed, only alpha-to-coverage or more complex techniques can make it work in such a case without doing depth sorting.

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