Platinum LP Record

Hi community!

recently released an LP album of its hits, that became platinum.

So, I’m proud to present that LP record to you. :sweat_smile:



I wanted to have a more or less realistically looking record.

PS BeerJS stuff


Can You help me to find this LP in the Internet?
I tried to search one of the tracks… Ale Zeppelin - Hole Lotta Loft,
but did not find it!
Help Please :wink:

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Neither did I :thinking:
But they put that song on the radio very often.
The song starts with: “You hear mooing. Baby I’m not bullying…” :wink:

OK… Understood :joy:

Now please teach us how to create that metallic gold on the record. :upside_down_face:

wow, that’s awesome!

@jouvychen Thank you :slight_smile: