Pino Art - A PWA/TWA 3D Art Gallery combined with webcomponents/lit :)

If you have any questions or feedback: Please go ahead : )


I liked the lack of colour of the background walls, as this makes the art stand out! And I liked the birds too. And the toilet paper rolls.

A few minor suggestions, you may ignore all of them
  • When the scene is dragged, it occasionally selects a painting, if the mouse position occurs on a painting. It might be good to zoom art only if it is a pure click (mouseup/pointerup event), and not the end of a drag.
  • It would help the user if the mouse cursor is changed when hovering over a painting (or the painting does something). In any case, it is good to have some visual identification of interactive elements
  • One of the walls (at the far right area) is not shaded – i.e. it is completely white
  • One of the paintings goes through the front door
  • Your 3D avatar in the web site and your profile picture in the forum are drastically different
  • Do you name you paintings?
  • At the far back side it is possible to see the end of the shadow map