Physics system (HaloDev#3979)

I need someone to make me a physics system, similar to ROBLOX.

Starting with:

  • A plane
  • A cube

So the cube should have controls:

  • W - Move in the direction facing
  • S - Move opposite to the direction facing
  • Space Bar - Jump, with gravity. (The cube should not go through the plane!)

Now lets say I add some more objects to the scene, such as a cube, or a sphere… any geometry. The cube should not go through them! What if I load OBJ models, or any model to the scene? Again, the cube should not go through them!

If I make an object, then the cube should be able to jump onto it, because of the laws of physics.

All in all, I just need a physics system done, and I am willing to pay a lot for it.

Please DM me on Discord, HaloDev#3979

Hello @Anye_Dev,

I have gone through your requirement and would be glad to assist you to develop a functionality.

Kindly reach out to me via

Best Regards,

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