Particles trailing the sphere

Well, I want some particles to follow a moving ball. I used the particle system and generated a cone-shaped particle. I added it to the inside of the ball and moved it behind the ball. This looks like The tail of the airflow generated in the atmosphere when the space capsule returns to the earth, but the effect is not ideal. I think the particles should have an arc due to “gravity”, but it seems that the current solution is too difficult. I want a simpler solution.

This is what it looks like now.
I want this effect.

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In general, it’s better to avoid nesting things in the scene - the flatter your scene structure, the less you’ll have to worry about nested matrix transformations, physics, traversal, and so on […] in the future.

Add particles separately of the sphere, ideally both should be direct .children of your scene. You can spawn particle at the same location as the sphere by using newParticle.position.copy(sphere.position).

You may also consider particles that follow the path of the ball. This will add a natural curvature if the ball is orbiting the planet. Something like this:



Such a cool scene with such a manageable code - I’m always flashed by your pens. :dizzy:

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very good! This is exactly the solution I want