Parallelize animations on a model


I am working on a humanoid-like 3D model that has some animations in it that mutate some specific part of the model.

For example I have gesture_wave to move the arm and face_happy show a smile.

I am not able to replicate the additive blending because the model basically collapse on itself heading to world poit 0,0,0

On the other hand I have tried to apply directly the animations but seems the weight is basically preventing to show up both animations at the same time. In fact I can see half of a smile and half of a wave :slight_smile:

What would you suggest to fix the additive blending ?

Do you know of other approached that could work ?
As an example in Unity there are masks that allow to animate selectively just a part of a model.
I tried the same by filtering the animation clip of the model but it still behave incorrectly.

Thank you!