Can multiple 3D objects use single animation source

I have a character and different clothing models with the same rig on them. I want to load the clothing on top of the character and want it to follow the animation it has. Source of the anim is the character and the clothing does not have any anims. So I try to create the clothing anim mixer from its own model but the try to use characters animation on clipAction method, however this did not work for me. Any idea how to get this working?

It’s necessary that this model’s skeleton has the same structure like the character one’s. Otherwise it’s not possible to setup the correct property bindings. Have you considered to clone the skeleton and then bind it to the other skinned mesh?

They both have the same structure, same naming. Not I’m thinking about traverse tru all bones and replace clothing bones with body bones.

Edit: Indeed replacing the bones fixed the issue. I used clothing.skeleton.bones = character.skeleton.bones; where character and clothing are meshes.