Panolens: Infospot after delete and create again not shown


I’m adding a list of Infospots with custom images to an ImagePanorama (works).
Then I’m removing all Infospots (by using the remove method from ImagePanorama).
Now I’m adding these Infospots again. I can see they exist (click handler works, cursor changes), but the images of the Infospot are not rendered anymore.
I’ve already tried to call render() on the viewer, but this had no effect. Also the custom images doesn’t seem to be the problem (I’ve tried without and had the same effect).
Any advice how make the Infospots show again?

Many thanks!

With this I could reproduce it in JSFiddle (Panolens Infospot Handling - JSFiddle - Code Playground):
(The right button deletes the Infospot and left should add it again).

      const panorama = new PANOLENS.ImagePanorama( 
      "" );
      const viewer = new PANOLENS.Viewer( { output: "console" } );
      viewer.add( panorama );
      var infospot1 = new PANOLENS.Infospot( 2 );
      infospot1.position.set(3.9,	1,	-20.3);
      infospot1.addEventListener( "click", function(){
      } );

      var infospot2 = new PANOLENS.Infospot( 2 );
      infospot2.position.set(2,	1,	-20.3);
      infospot2.addEventListener( "click", function(){
          var infospot3 = new PANOLENS.Infospot( 2 );
          infospot3.position.set(3.9,	1,	-20.3);
      } );


I solved this by changing the texture ( of the infospots. So I don’t need to remove and redraw them anymore.