[Paid] Help resolve bug either in ThreeJS or Chromium

I need help tracking down and resolving a bug. It’s greatly impacting my workflow.

I’ve filed a chromium bug (1321452 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail) on advise of people in the Discord server. I imagine this could be a ThreeJS bug. But it would be one that only affects Mac Intel in Chromium browsers starting with Mac OS release 11.6.4 – so there’s that.

Here is a video example (webgl bug on mac intel - YouTube). I’m getting no love from the Chromium devs after many months. At a minimum, if anyone would mind replicating and up-voting, I would be eternally grateful.

If you believe you can help with this, please tell me how and what you would charge for such an endeavor.

Many thanks

What happens if you import 3DBenchy.stl into the three.js editor? Do you see the same glitch like with your application?

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yes, the bug presents itself in the threejs editor with benchy on my intel macs, not on m1 macs. it happens in chrome and edge but not in firefox and safari on the same machine.

this is on an intel mac in edge

this is on an m1 mac in edge

I remember now that the same issue was recently discussed at GitHub:

The workaround is to use WebGL1Renderer on affected devices. It’s indeed a browser/device related bug.

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thanks. that points me in the direction of a workaround until this is fixed in Chromium.

Convert the STL into GLTF format with blender, that should solve the issue

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