Page delay/flicker when moving between three.js page and non


I’m not sure what this issue falls under to be honest, or whether its a standard issue at all, but I thought I’d ask the question…

Sometimes, I may be working on a three.js scene and I’ll be browsing other pages on other tabs/windows. When I click back onto my three.js page, sometimes the screen will pause before showing me the scene even though nothing new is being rendered, and sometimes my screen will go blank and then render. this doesn’t happen all the time though and part of me wonders if it’s just a computer issue. Im running a decently new Mac with Chrome, my fps are generally pretty good and my draw calls are low, but just wondered if this was a known issue in three.js development and if it’s something I need to read up about?

Sorry if this ends up not being a three.js problem, but just thought I’d ask!