Overriding Camera position when using <Stage/> component of Drei


I like the lighting and other effects achieved by the drei Stage component – which centers everything and adds lighting. I was hoping that I could override the camera position however – is that achievable?

Here is my code that consists in a bunch of models wrapped in Stage – but they are too small

return (
      <Canvas camera={{fov: 30}, {position: [0, 1, 5]}}> 
        <color attach="background" args={['#A9A9A9']} />
        <Suspense fallback={null}>
        <Text color="black" anchorX="center" anchorY="bottom" position={[-0.01, 0.5, 4.5]} rotation={[-0.15, 0, 0]} scale={0.5}>
         {props.currentModel} - {props.currentIP ? props.currentIP.replace(/[\n\r]+/g, '') : null} - {String(props.currentOnline)}
        <Stage contactShadow shadows adjustCamera intensity={1} environment="city" preset="rembrandt" makeDefault>

        <Carousel unitRotation={props.unitRotation} models={props.models}/> 
        <ambientLight intensity={0.5}/>
        <pointLight position={[0, 0, 20]} intensity={0.9} />
        <Effects disableGamma>
                <unrealBloomPass threshold={1} strength={3} radius={1} />

stage is only meant to quickly make a model show up nicely, it’s like model-viewer. it isn’t really useful for much more. staging models in react is really easy and for anything more than a viewer you should create your own stages.

something like this for instance already gives you a pleasant scene, an environment and soft shadows. add a key light and you already have more than drei/Stage would provide.

Thank you for the reply! I will study the example. All the best.

ps, i updated the box above. in latest drei we now have <Center> which makes it so easy to place objects. <Center top> for instance places objects on top of the center line vertically, so you can leave the shadow plane at 0/0/0 and be sure that everything sits on it.