Make shadow behind the model

Hi, i’m new to Three js, I created a react three fiber component that renders my 3D model, currently my model casts shadows that i can see behind my model, but when i move the camera shadow are moving too and at some points in my canvas “Box” there are no place for shadow (my box size is limited and it should be this size), so when i move the camera for example to the left shadow is cut by the box, that doesn’t look good, the idea is to make shadow remain behind the model no mater where i will rotate my camera, but for now i have no idea how to implement that, please give me some advice, is it possibly to fix shadows at the scene no mater of camera movement??
Here is an example of my code
const Model = ({ url }) => {
const model = useGLTF(url);

return (

<ContactShadows position={[0.1, -2.5, 0.5]} scale={20} blur={1} far={4.5} />


const TestModel = () => (

minPolarAngle={Math.PI / 8}
maxPolarAngle={Math.PI / 0}


export default TestModel;

For some reason i can’t share the code…

without code it will be hard, i have no idea what you want tbh. contact shadows are not real, its just a camera looking up and blurring the results. if you can post a codesandbox that would help.

Is there a way to place shadow of the model to always be behind the model, no matter how i will move the camera around the model i will always see the model with shadow behind it


import { PerspectiveCamera, CameraControls } from '@react-three/drei'

<Canvas shadows>
  <Model />
  <PerspectiveCamera makeDefault position={[0, 0, 10]}>
    <directionalLight position={[10, 10, 10]} castShadow />
  <CameraControls />