Overlay page elements and change models / textures on click


Does someone know where I can find a tutorial to build an interface for my 3D space?
I’d like to:

  1. Include buttons and drop down menus to allow users to select different models/textures and change them in real time on the page.
  2. Understand how to change models and textures… I am afraid that changing the variable path wouldn’t be enough… Probably changing them from the render() function would work better…

Thank you for your help!

I suggest you read the following guide so you better understand how to update things in three.js:


Your question about developing an UI is a bit too broad. The implementation of a user interface highly depends on the chosen UI library/framework. I’m not aware of any tutorials that are specified on texture selection. If you think a simple select input is sufficient, a general tutorial about an UI library should be sufficient.