OutputPass.js not working on Website

Hi! Maybe someone has a clue what could be the problem: I have two passes for rendering (SAOPass, BokehPass) and use them with EffectComposer and OutputPass.
Everything works fine on my local preview (in visual studio code), but if i upload it to the webhost i get following warning:
Uncaught SyntaxError: ambiguous indirect export: SRGBTransfer

and directs me to OutputPass.js file, line 9:

import {
} from ‘three’;
import { Pass, FullScreenQuad } from ‘./Pass.js’;
import { OutputShader } from ‘…/shaders/OutputShader.js’;


TBH, I have never seen this error message before in context of three.js. Can you make sure that all files are from the same release?

Yes, all the files are from the same release, I even tried with several releases

Do you see the same issue with the official post-processing examples?


hmm, I don’t have a ‘addons’ folder, i have the jsm folder inside the ‘examples’ folder, so my imports look like this:

import { EffectComposer } from ‘./examples/jsm/postprocessing/EffectComposer.js’;
import { RenderPass } from ‘./examples/jsm/postprocessing/RenderPass.js’;
import { SAOPass } from ‘./examples/jsm/postprocessing/SAOPass.js’;
import { BokehPass } from ‘./examples/jsm/postprocessing/BokehPass.js’;
import { OutputPass } from ‘./examples/jsm/postprocessing/OutputPass.js’;

could this be a problem?

I will test it with an example

I think this is going to depend on your build tool (if any) and project structure. The defaults we recommend are described in the installation guide, but if you’re using something different you may need to share enough context (demo? source code folder?) that others can quickly reproduce the problem.

Problem solved, with:
“imports”: {
“three”: “…/build/three.module.js”,
“three/addons/”: “./jsm/”

and then import modules from ‘three/addons/…’

Thanks for your input!