Option to ignore FBX materials?

I am creating my materials internally for my scene, but the fbx importer keeps throwing errors because my fbx models exported from 3DsMax have materials attached, its really annoying to sift through 30 errors in the console before I can find what actually is causing me issues. Is there a way to either not import materials from an fbx import, or to completely remove them from the FBX?

What errors are you getting?

Getting 404 errors on the textures when importing fbx because it’s looking for texture that it doesn’t need.

Got it. There’s no way to skip loading materials in the FBXLoader though. Here are two things you could do:

  1. Customize the loader and remove material loading. You would just need to comment out a couple of lines to do this I think.
  2. Load the FBX files into a program such as Blender and remove the references to the textures.

If you do 2. then you should export as glTF rather than FBX. It’s a more modern format and will load faster.

Removing it from the loader seems like a bad idea, if there is ever an update that we would like to do. We would need to do that again.

I will probably opt for removing them in my export software, I know gltf is native for webgl. Has anyone done some benchmarking on terms of loadspeed for this format? If I need to re-export about 400 meshes I would like to know the performance impact if it has been tested. Since I am going to need to explain to my bosses why I am doing it, having numbers would make this a lot faster.

I’ve seen some stats in this thread


Sweet, those are exactly the numbers I was looking for. Now I just need to convince them to make gltf the base format for web applications…