onClick rapier physics

please how to add onClick to this rigid body I mean to all the content it have when I click it should console something or have treger I try to put onClick on the mesh but it don’t work ever <RigidBody

        enabledRotations={[false, false, false]} 
        enabledTranslations={[true, true, false]} 

        linearDamping={15}  // Adjust this value
        angularDamping={1} // Adjust this value
        friction={0.1}       // Adjust this value
        gravityScale={(Math.abs(symbols[0]?.rsi[0]?.value)  /50)} 


        <BallCollider  args={[clampedRadius + 15]} />
        {/* <Float speed={25}> */}
        <Float speed={5} rotationIntensity={0} floatIntensity={50} >
        <Html >
            <div className={`w-[${widthD}] h-[${widthD}] bg-red-500 absolute top-0 left-0 -translate-x-1/2 -translate-y-1/2`}>

            <mesh  scale={0.95} position={[0, 0, 0.01]}>
                <ringGeometry args={[clampedRadius,clampedRadius + 2,32]} />
                <meshBasicMaterial color={"orange"} />
                {gh && <Text font="Inter-Regular.woff"  letterSpacing={-0.05} position={[0, 0, 0.01]} fontSize={clampedRadius /3} material-toneMapped={false}>{gh}</Text>}
            {icon && <Image position={[0, clampedRadius/2, 0.01]} scale={clampedRadius / 3} transparent toneMapped={false} url={icon} />}
            {pr && <Text font="Inter-Regular.woff"  letterSpacing={-0.05} position={[0, -clampedRadius/2, 0.01]} fontSize={clampedRadius /3} material-toneMapped={false}>{pr}</Text>}

I didn’t see any onClick attribute set, in your code.

Just add the onClick like this:

    <someMesh onClick={ someFunction }>