On rotation Three.Object3D should keep front of camera

Hello All

I have created one application in angular in that I have used three js for loading my FBX files.
I have combined multiple files and show in same screen
you can see demo here : https://www.screencast.com/t/cS09y87nneV6

Now if I rotate then text should always at camera side, Text is combined with floor in same FBX file.
I have tried to change quaternion and rotation value and it worked but while rotating its not staying on its position , its going away from its floor.

Can any one please help me on this please?
Thanks in advance.

You can try using object.lookAt(camera.position) (docs.)

Yes it will be on camera side but its position is changing its going away from original position

Instead of using lookAt(), this approach is faster:

object.quaternion.copy( camera.quaternion );

If the position of the object is changing, you might want to center its pivot point first.

Thanks @Mugen87 can yo please let me know how can I set center as if I rotate it should stay on its original position and should look at camera.

In one FBX file have multiple 3D object s and I have loaded any FBX files which having multiple 3D objects

So text is one of 3D object of FBX file

Help will be really appreciated as we are trying from two weeks