CSS3DObject reverse

Hey guys,

I have a 3D Character in my scene and some text/links rotating around him. The problem is when the text is infront of the Cam the text is reversed. See picture:

In the back it is normal, but I want to be reversed in the back, not in the front

My Code looks like this:

I have tried el.style.rotate = “rotate(7deg)”, obj.rotation.x … but nothing worked

You can try updating the direction text object is looking (mind, you should do it on every frame):


It’s also a good idea to place text in an empty Group or Object3D that’ll act like a pivoting point. Instead of changing position of the text, move the pivot - that way rotations of the text object will always apply with regard to its centre point.

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the lookAt function didnt worked for me…
what do you mean with placing text in an empty group/object ? Its my first week with threejs im sorry

Maybe this will help a bit.

Placing an object inside an empty group - and then moving that group instead of the object - ensures object rotations are always around it’s centre point.

Why not apply a negative x scaling to the text object?

Var textObject.scaleX = -1;