Official discord threejs server?

Why doesn’t mrDoob make an official discord server… I think it would be faster to other to help each other and easier… if he did that’d be dope


The new link is


The one in the quote works too, i’ve updated it :+1:


Why doesn’t mrDoob make an official discord server…

Just created it :nerd_face:


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From all three links in this thread.

:thinking: i’ve set them to unlimited, how about these?

Someone just sent me an invite on twitter that worked:


Aren’t there like a million three.js related chats? Some are more active than the others.

This one may be the most:

Discord seems to be nicer than Slack so far. You don’t need a different browser tab for every community you’re interested in.

Curious to see how they deal with history… Slack keeps saying: “Hey, you want history? You just need to pay us a trillion dollars! :wave:”.


Fair point, but i think it’s more about the community than the platform. Lots of activity on slack.

I think they can coexist.


I think there’s also at least one gitter channel?

thank you

you should add it to the community tab

Yes, but I removed the link from the README recently because it was pretty innactive.

By the way, Discord is replacing IRC…

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Found this page for my irc server search. I was once on Dalnet, then went to Undernet. Here’s what you do. Get some IRC program. Always use mIRC if running Windows. Log onto Undernet and /join #threejs - I’ll be waiting there … heh.

Your browser is for running threejs … mIRC should be used for real time interaction. here’s what I made: