Not able to see my mesh on the canvas

I am trying to do this example three.js examples
here’s the index.html file and the thing is i am not able to see the mesh on the canvas

the app.json i copied when i published a sample project, So because of that below when scrolling i can see the black area (2.6 KB)

The index.html file that you posted uses other files, that are missing (like app.js, frontend.js). When I remove them and fix the importmap, the rest runs, but there is still no mesh. By adding just one line the mesh is shown.

Here is a part of the original code, it contained no rendering, so I just added it:

function animate() {
    requestAnimationFrame( animate );
    renderer.render(scene,camera); // added this line

The result is:


Thanks for the help, will see why frontend and app files are causing error