Not able to import 3d text using font loader in vuejs

Hi, I am trying to create a 3d text using fontloader in my vue app but it is showing this error! Please Help!

Do you mind sharing the font file Poppins_Regular.json in this topic?

looks like a generic 404, path not found. could you verify that in chrome/devtools/networks tab? if you see a red fetch attempt then it’s probably your @/ alias?

Sure,Poppins_Regular.json (145.0 KB)

i think the path is correct as I am importing a matcap texture also but that is getting load properly, can you please see the below code once,

Only the font is not loading

I’m able to load the font into the official webgl_geometry_text example. I’ve just downloaded your font, copied it into the examples/fonts directory of the three.js respository and started the respective local server via npm start.

So there is something wrong with your backend.

could you check devtools/network tab?

the font works: Circling birds (forked) - CodeSandbox though you have exported it wrong, i think there’s an option to fix the glitches.