Font Import Not Found

I am attempting to do the following font import:

loader.load('three/examples/fonts/gentilis_bold.typeface.json', function (font) {
      const txtGeometry = new TextGeometry("Test", {
        font: font,
        size: 80,
        height: 1,
        curveSegments: 12,
        bevelEnabled: true,
        bevelThickness: 10,
        bevelSize: 8,
        bevelOffset: 0,
        bevelSegments: 5
      let textMesh = new three.Mesh(txtGeometry, new three.MeshBasicMaterial({ "color": "FF000" }))

The issue is that the font is not found:

Despite this font being within the Three.js Font directory:

Note that I am using Vite.js

node_modules (including three subdirectory) is not served by the webserver / vite. Should be enough to just copy the file from three package into your project assets directory - then import from there.

The rest of the three.js works, the only part that does not import is fonts

Each package has a .vite, and vite has its own package.

Where would I add the fonts?

you create a folder /public, if it isn’t there already. drop the font file in there. the path will now be /file.ext. all static assets should be in public.