Noob request, include 3D sphere draggable

Hello, i’m french noob in code but i decided to code myself my portfolio on Wordpress and i want to includes a 3D sphere draggable on my website and i want a mirror texture on this sphere. Sorry I have bad english but i need help.

Thanks, Quentin

Quentin, I’m really surprised no one has answered this four-day old question for you… Three.js has primitives and sphere is one of them. Add a sphere to your scene and hit it with a phong material, with 100% reflectivity, then add an environment map (envMap), which you will certainly need. I haven’t done anything draggable, so I can’t help you there. Have you looked through all the samples? I hope this is at least a starting point for you. I wish I had more time to expand on this.

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Thanks ! But i found an example for starting point but i have one problem i want a sphere who reflect my own website and each page on my website was different and in the exemple the envmap was a photography not the background of the website. I dont know if i’m clear … ^^