Next generation 3D art gallery portal

Here’s a new art gallery project based on Three.js:

Here artists can set up their own exhibitions of pictures, videos and/or 3D models in the showcased gallery rooms. Exhibitions can serve as portals to external sites, e.g. artists homepage or online shop.

Desktop browsers recommended, but works also on recent & decent Android phones.


Nice, there seems to be a memory leak on android, the textures got up to above 70 between scenes and crashed browser :wink:

crashes turn black

Thanks forerunrun! Better memory management is WIP. Textures are actually kept in memory on purpose (to enable almost instant reloading of scenes that have been already visited), but this is something I may need to refactor for mobile devices (or more generally devices with low amount of VRAM).

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Ranao, crash & back screen issues are due to lost rendering context, which in turn is probably caused by running out of VRAM. Happens mostly on mobile & laptop devices. Work in progress. :slight_smile: