Need opinion for threejs journey from bruno simon

Hi, i’d like to step up my understanding about three.js and also the trailer looks fantastic. I was wondering, have anyone here taken the course? is it worth it? thanks in advance


I did it : bruno is a pro, the course is great and it’s not only video, he is very active in his discord too so you can share your questions/problems.

thanks for ur opinion, i’m definitely gonna enroll it soon!

This is the best course you can find, there is nothing like it. A hundred times with the price.

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Depending of your target, Nik Lever is very interesting too. Both are complementary. I learned a lot.

this also pique my interest, since i mostly work with angular

I’d say that this course by Bruno is definitely one of the best cources on the market (if not the best). Every aspect is explained in details. There are around 40 lessons and roughly most of them are longer than hour. Highly recomment :smiley: