Looking for mentor in ThreeJS

Looking for a mentor to guide me on ThreeJS, been learning for 3 months but i’m still struggling to do what others did, I’m also open for looking for a job that can train me in ThreeJS, unpaid employee is fine as long i get to learn ThreeJS.

I can link my portfolio on what i’ve done with ThreeJS but i afraid the mods will remove so please DM me if u need my portfolio

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keep learning slow, there is no shortcut in learning, what matters is you are driven to learn, it took me 5 years to learn, first I quitted because I don’t understand threejs then I keep on coming back because threejs is fun, its 3d and the possibilities of what u can make is limitless. You can take Nik’s tutorials, and threejs samples one at a time, from these samples you can combined them to make your master pieces. Keep creating and creating until u become familiar with threejs, I my self I still considered my self a beginner, there is more room to fill and more technologies to come for threejs to grow. So keep on learning and journey with us in threejs.

Yea i agree, but im so clueless at Shaders, that’s most of the cool 3D stuff can be done

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