Need help with Parametric Relationships with gltf meshes

Hi everyone,

I’m venturing into new territory with Three.js and could use some guidance. I’m currently working on loading a GLTF model of a house and using raycasters to interact with the child meshes. My goal is to manipulate these meshes with transform controls.

Here’s the challenge: I want to create parametric relationships between connected meshes. For instance, if I select and extend a wall of the house using transform controls, I would like the adjacent walls to automatically extend as well. To clarify, if I pull the front wall outward, the points where the left and right walls meet the front wall should also move outward accordingly. Importantly, I’m looking to achieve this extension without scaling the meshes.

Does anyone have experience with or suggestions on how to implement this kind of feature in Three.js? Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!