Need help to store GLB files in cloud storage

Hello guys, I completed my three js based web app using Typescript now I want to know on every drag and drop of model it will save on AWS S3 bucket for this what is the process, it is compulsory to use node.js or any other way through I integrate AWS with my code need some guidance or reference.

It doesn’t sound like you’ll need to use three.js to do that — a .glb is just another file format as far as S3 is concerned, and can be uploaded or downloaded the same way as other files. I don’t work with S3 often, you may have better luck asking with S3-related tags on Stack Overflow or something. There are lots of tutorials for uploading to S3 in Node.js and other languages (example: How to upload an image to S3 using Node.js) and probably more for sending files from [your frontend framework] to [your backend framework].

Thanks, sir I wanna know one thing like my project is created in typescript and now I am using AWS cloud using node js in other project that is working fine too. Now I wanna know how I can integrate together to perform store files on cloud and also want three js works fine is there way or guidance you know?